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To put it boldly, sorry mum and dad, I guess everything I need to know and learn, except for the basics, was learned in the place I first chose to be at. This is the place the world showed itself to me for the first time. My ideal place is a farm in which I was taught my first life lessons and will probably still continue to be educated or teach. Everybody who enters that place is my friend and tells me new stories that make me laugh, cry or couldn’t be bothered with. It’s a playground in which I feel safe to make mistakes and where I am confronted with all the mysteries and commodities of life. There is a nice warm family living there who welcome you and take their time to really see you every time you visit. And all their friends come by and leave a mark.

In this ongoing series I will storytell you about this place. It’s a place everybody knows but finds different meaning in. A playground which gives an insight in the world I inhabit.

You can replace ‘I’ for ‘you’ and ‘you’ for ‘me’ and it will be the same stretchy story.


PhotoQ (dutch)