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Shanghai 2010 — I was asked to make a commission in the city of Shanghai in which I’ve never been before. Therefore I tried to find a connection between myself and the city by reading news articles on internet, reading books and writing down what I thought I knew about the city or the country itself. In the end I had a list of things I wanted to make and search for in the month I was there.

My intern Guus and I went, bought two bicycles and searched the city. We were very pleasantly surprised. What I saw in the city was strange to me and I felt like a stranger to the city. During my acquaintance with the people, the streets, the supermarkets and life these are my photographic notes. I was hoping all of a sudden everything would make sense. I hereby share my personal experience with you.

In the series you see the list I made before and during my visit of things I looked out for.